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Mission Statement

All children are deserving of good health and unlimited opportunities for a joyful and productive future. St. Paul Children’s Foundation is dedicated to offering faith-based programs and services promoting quality care and healthy lifestyle choices.

Vision Statement

St. Paul Children’s Foundation will be one of the most effective organizations in our community providing programs and solutions to the nationally recognized healthcare crisis which ranks Northeast Texas as the unhealthiest region in our state. As a result of our strategic vision and programs focused on prevention, education and quality care, we will see more joyful and productive families. We will see a dramatic decrease in the incidence of life-threatening diseases and other debilitating health conditions. Educational opportunities are more widespread in our community with college entrance rates on the rise. Families are strengthened and children are benefitting from the spiritual, mental, physical and healthcare needs provided through the programs offered at St. Paul Children’s Foundation.

Physical: 1358 East Richards Street, Tyler, TX 75702  •  Mailing: P.O. Box 1238 Tyler, TX 75710  •  Phone: (903) 595-5525