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Food Pantry
The food pantry provides assistance to children and their families in need. Located at 1358 East
Richards. Everyone is eligible for assistance. We are here for you!
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The food pantry at St. Paul Children’s Foundation provides assistance for families in need. We
are a choice pantry, allowing our clients to choose the foods their families will eat from a list of
available items. Eligibility is based on current USDA income guidelines. It doesn’t matter where
you live for we serve all counties in East Texas. If you need help, we are here for YOU!
Frequently Offered Items include: I feel like we can be more descriptive here.

Canned fruit and vegetables
Cereal, pasta
Meat – chicken, beef or pork
Fresh produce (when available)
Dairy products (when available)

Maybe we can talk about how the Drive-Thru Process works as of right now. (All the clients would need
are their Name, Household Size, Number of Children, and Monthly Income.)
Can we put some graphics on here that have some important data/numbers about our pantry?
Oasis Insight is the leading client intake and reporting solution for food banks and their partner
agencies.- This is directly from Oasis and I feel like we should implement it on this page. It provides a
good, quick description. We could add a couple of sentences explaining how useful it has been for our
organization. Or something along those lines.