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St. Paul Children’s Services is pleased to provide integrated behavioral health services. Our
Counseling Services are led by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dawn Wilson. Dawn graduated
with a Master’s in Social Work degree from Louisiana State University. She enjoys working with
children and adolescents and their caregivers using training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) to help clients with depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation,
ADHD, maladaptive coping, low self-esteem, behavioral challenges, and suicide ideation/self-

harm. Dawn uses knowledge in Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Suicide Risk Assessment, and Crisis
Intervention in her work. In addition to TF-CBT, Dawn is certified in Traumatic Grief Therapy and
Financial Social Work.
Integrated mental health at SPCS allows children and families to receive counseling in their
medical home, in conjunction with medical visits when appropriate. Integrated mental health is
more than co-locating behavioral health providers in a pediatric clinic. It includes equipping
pediatricians to better address the mental health needs of patients and a collaborative approach
to care. We recognize the immediate need for mental health services in East Texas and want to
serve our community effectively.
For more information about counseling services available at SPCS call (903) 531-9455.