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The MISSION of the Counseling program is to provide access to qualified mental health professionals that provide effective, evidenced-based treatment to children, adolescents, and their families, in their medical home.

What is Therapy?

Children and adolescents can sometimes encounter challenges that affect the way they think, act, and feel. Therapy is a treatment to learn skills to work out these challenges to help them cope and communicate better as they grow. 


Our therapists provide trauma-informed therapy for children and adolescents experiencing symptoms of anxiety and / or depression.


Life can sometimes be overwhelming and have unexpected twists or turns. This can often lead to us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed or just unhappy. Counseling can help us navigate through these difficult issues.

- Amos, LPC-S

My goal as a Therapist is to support you and your child throughout this process of growth towards their identified goals.

- Vanessa, LMSW

Christy Headshot.jpg

The cares of life can be overwhelming, and it's important to have a safe place in times of need. It is my desire to provide that safe place for others to process and work towards healing. 


                                             - Christy LPC

Our pediatricians and mental health providers work together in treating the patient’s presenting mental health symptoms, this team approach ensures efficient coordination of services to meet the mental health needs of children and their families.

Builds resiliency to handle future stress
Improves child's self-esteem & confidence
Benefits of Therapy
Teaches relaxation & coping skills
Allows expressions
of feelings

Our program provides counseling for patients dealing with anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), adjustment disorder and other mental health diagnoses as well as patients dealing with family conflict, loss, and psychosocial stressors. Our therapists provide trauma-informed services using multiple therapy modalities and are committed to providing patient-centered care.

No paperwork to complete prior to the first visit.


Counseling services are covered by Medicaid, CHIP, and many private insurances.  SPCS offers discounted rates for our uninsured / cash pay patients that range from $5 to $70 per session based on family income.

Our counseling services are provided to patients 6 to 21.

Our Counseling Team is Here to Serve You!

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