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St. Paul Children’s Services is honored to be a part of Superior HealthPlan’s Foster Care Center of Excellence program.  Clinics designated as Centers of Excellence are committed to providing high quality medical and behavioral health care for children in foster care and kinship care. We are the only clinic in our 23 county region to receive this designation. 


St. Paul is pleased to offer:

  • Expedited scheduling for medical exams for children entering foster care

  • Trauma-informed care trained staff

  • Co-located behavioral health (counseling) 

  • Primary care providers with expertise and training in behavioral health and psychopharmacology

  • Case management and navigation services for foster parents and kinship caregivers

  • On-site dental and optometry services for children in foster care

  • On-site clothes and supplies closet for children in foster and kinship care


Superior HealthPlan has generously provided funding for our foster care clothes closet and Dr. Valerie Smith serves as a consultant to the Foster Care Center of Excellence program.


Children in foster care have experienced immense hardships that can impact them for the rest of their lives.  They deserve easy access to the very best services by compassionate providers who understand trauma.  At SPCS we have trained our staff to to be sensitive to the experiences of children in foster care and provide care that always keeps the whole child in mind.

- Valerie Smith, MD

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