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Betty De Los Santos (Medical Staff Member) 
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As an employee of the St. Paul’s Medical Clinic for 12 years now and a parent of previous patients here, this place has been a blessing in providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. 

Sometimes families fall in that gap of not qualifying for government assistance and private insurance is way too expensive, which was my case. It was a relief in knowing my children would be attended well by caring physicians and staff.  

I didn’t have to worry about receiving a huge bill I might not be able to pay or maybe not even having a place to take them when they needed to be seen. 

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors that founded this clinic, and all that St. Paul’s provides for this community. You are truly a Blessing!

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Grandmother of three SPCS' patients

Hi, my name is Gwendolyn. What does St. Paul's mean to me? It is always there for me, I have three grandkids. And when they’re sick during the night, or whenever I can always depend on coming to St. Pauls. Just knowing that everything's going to be all right.


You know, Dr. Price, he’s a lifesaver. I have an autistic child that is here today and I don’t know where I would be. I’m just a granny and it means so much to me to have a dependable doctor that you can go to and know everything’s going to be fine. After the visit, medicine and everything it's a good place to be for your kiddos.


I love the staff, the ladies, all of them - they are just awesome. I've been coming here with my three grandkids for 11 years and I just thank God for St. Pauls.

In the News...
Sue Stallings
Food Pantry Front Desk
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It is a joy to walk in the St. Paul Food Pantry on Monday mornings and be greeted with warm smiles from a staff who love what they do! When the doors open at 9:00am and people come in to receive food, they are welcomed with dignity, respect, and those same smiles.


I especially enjoy interacting with the clients and hearing how God has met a need they had or praying with them for a present need. It is rewarding to see these same people come in and “pay it forward” because St. Paul’s was there for them when they needed help. My prayer is to be used by God to share His amazing love while volunteering at the pantry. “ 

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