St. Paul Children’s Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Episcopal Health Foundation to become a Community Centered Health Home (CCHH). In 2011, the Prevention Institute proposed a new model for community health centers to merge “efficient, accessible, and culturally appropriate care with comprehensive efforts to prevent illness and injury…by improving community conditions” called the community- centered health home. At its core, a CCHH recognizes that health isn’t created within the four walls of a clinic-health–it is created in the places that we live, learn, work, pray, and play. And, a CCHH doesn’t just recognize that conditions within a community impact health, it actively works towards improving those conditions.
The SPCF CCHH initiative is led by Dr. Valerie Smith, and the core team includes CCHH Coordinator Shawna Stewart and Family Wellness Coordinator Jackie Erlandson. The core group is supported by a CCHH team that represent staff from each area of our organization. CCHH impacts every area of our organization from the medical clinic to the food pantry to the dental clinic.
To start, SPCF is focusing on improving access to healthy foods for families in East Texas. The foundation of CCHH is bringing together community members to help discover barriers to health in their community and then developing collaborative solutions to those problems. We’re excited to be working with amazing partners including the East Texas Food Bank, East Texas Human Needs Network, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler and NET Health to make East Texas a healthier place for all families. To help organize and oversee these activities we have formed the Smith County Food Security Council a multi-sector coalition that will implement strategies to improve access to healthy foods and reduce hunger across our community.
If you are interested in being a part of the Smith County Food Security Council or other CCHH initiatives please e-mail for more information.


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