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Quality Vision Care for Your Children . . .

The St Paul Children’s Kidd Eye Clinic. 


A comprehensive dilated vision exam is conducted with the most advanced ophthalmic technology equipment. A detailed exam by Dr. Clayton Whitney is performed.  Also, a dilated refraction is performed to ensure the proper prescription is obtained for the patients. SPCS works to help children improve and maintain their vision.


The most advanced acuity measuring system with digital screens are used to obtain the optimum exam. 


We examine patients from the ages of 3-18. If the need arises, we will place referrals to Children’s Hospital in Dallas and Cook Children’s Hospital in Ft Worth. 


We are offering vision exams at no cost to all of our patients. 


To be able to help a child see a better world helps create a better future for all.

- Artemio Z., Certified Ophthalmic Technician

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Our Vision Team is Here to Serve You!

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